The Timeless Version of Cocoa the Blind Dog brings together the poignant daily devotional stories of a master, two stewards and a little blind dog. Scripture is embedded in each page to help the reader connect the timeless truths of God with our daily hours, and with the lives of our dogs. It's a complete carry-along for travel, a daily pick-me-up for journaling and a refreshing daily immersion into the Word of God, through the tale of a dog.


About The Author

From the storied halls of West Point class of 1978 to a bid for US Congress in 2000 to author and consultant; Dennis’ journey has taken him where few men are blessed to go. His unique clarity on life comes from being a life long learner and living each adventure to its fullest potential. Dennis has an inborn love for history and, due to his path in life, has a deep seeded drive to see honor lived out. Dennis has a deep love of creation and of the Creator. Dennis lives in beautiful Boise, Idaho, with his wife Susan where he is a husband, father, grand-father, mentor, and leader.

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